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Thinking of a rescue dog. What about a sighthound


I just got an interesting e-mail from a group promoting greyhounds and other sighthounds as pets – something we would wholeheartedly endorse…

Sighthounds in my experience tend to be very gentle, loving pets.

See the below information from sighthound strollers.

Sighthounds, including whippets, greyhounds and lurchers are becoming increasingly popular as pets in Ireland. There are many myths out there about Sighthounds which sometimes lead people to believe they don’t make suitable pets.


MYTH:  They require lots of exercise!


Greyhounds are lovingly referred to as the ‘40mph couch potato’.  They have short bursts of energy followed by a nice long nap!  Lurchers, depending on their make-up and whippets tend to require slightly more exercise than greyhounds (that wouldn’t be hard!) but no more than dogs of a similar size.  Once they get adequate exercise, all Sighthounds love nothing more than curling up in bed to snooze the day away.


MYTH: They are too big!


Because of their gentle nature, Sighthounds are generally safe around furniture, kids, and your valuables!  In fact, they are much quieter and gentler than most small breeds of dogs.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of sharing their home with a Sighthound knows just how small they can curl up at times!


MYTH: They aren’t safe to live with other dogs/cats/small animals!


It is important to remember that not only Sighthounds chase cats – so do many other dogs! Sighthounds show greater and lesser degrees of interest in small animals and many can and do live happily with cats, small animals and other dogs

MYTH:  They are highly strung!


This is one of the biggest myths about Sighthounds!  Sighthounds are like many other breeds of dogs; some are more energetic than others.  But, for the most part, they are laid back and calm

MYTH: They aren’t safe around children!


There are Sighthounds throughout the world living very happily in families with children of all ages.  Sighthounds make great family pets

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Sighthound strolls

It was set up to enable owners of pet sighthounds in Ireland, such as lurchers, greyhounds and whippets to meet for walks with their dogs and at the same time promote sighthounds as pets.It is widely recognised throughout the world that sighthounds make great pets and many people in Ireland have started to adopt them from pounds and rescues, but there is still a misconception out there that they can be vicious and aren’t pet material.