Monthly Archives: June 2014

Ticks ar bad!


These nasty little blood suckers attach to skin of passing animals. They live in grass. They can lead to nasty abscesses and also transmit blood bornes disease like Lyme disease. This applies to people also.
A good product out called Bravecto. This is a tablet which is palatable and gives 3 months cover. I think its a great new product which works and is water proof with no skin residues for kids, unlioke sppot ons!
Call in and we can show you!

Dog Grooming Westport


Check out our great deals on Grooming. This hot weather can make dogs uncomfortable. They can get instant relief from a good clipping.
We will check nails, teeth and a full health check besides from out trained vets!
A treat indeed!

Heat Stroke


Heat Stroke.

Given the hot weather over the last few days, ensure that all pets have access to cool shaded areas.
Dogs especially can get heat stroke which can be fatal. I have often had dogs brought in very sick having been trapped in kennels or cars.
First aid consists of cold water ice baths and get to your vet ASAP!