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Understanding Cremation


In most cases, your pet’s body will be entrusted to the care of your vet until you make a decision about what you want to do. If you feel you are not able to make an immediate decision, ask them to hold your pet’s body for you for a couple of days until you provide further instructions. Most animal clinics are equipped to do this without difficulty and are more than happy to provide assistance with making final arrangements.

Cremation is an increasingly popular choice and can be arranged through your vet clinic. There are two types of cremation: private and general.

Private cremation is when your pet is cremated on its own, and the ashes are returned to you in a small wooden box or a specially selected urn. If you wish to scatter the ashes in your garden or any other special place, you may feel free to do so. Some pet owners choose to keep the ashes indefinitely. This is a personal choice and one that only you can make. Cost varies according to your choice of urn and the weight of the animal.

General cremation or “group” cremation is when your pet is cremated with others. In this case, the ashes cannot be returned to you. Some people choose not to have the ashes returned. This is a less expensive alternative.