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Pet Passports


The Pet Passport is a European Union document that allows you to travel with your pet around Europe and then return to Ireland with your pet once certain conditions have been followed.

Pets from outside the EU can also enter Ireland, but only if they come from certain qualifying countries. For a list of these countries and further information please check:

If you are intending on travelling with your pet for the first time please be aware that it can take up to 8 months to get everything in order.

How to obtain a pet passport in Ireland

  1. Your pet must be micro-chipped to provide identification.
  2. Your pet must then receive a vaccination against rabies.
  3. We will then apply for your pet’s passport and enter the details of the rabies vaccination.
  4. You should always keep the rabies vaccination for your pet up to date.
  5. When travelling from Europe to Ireland the requirement for a rabies blood test no longer applies.
  6. You will need to have your pet treated for tapeworm before returning to Ireland. We recommend regular tick and tapeworm treatments if you are travelling in Europe with your pet.

Also before you travel be sure to read ‘How to Travel into Ireland with your Pet’ ( ) as you must have your pet treated for tapeworm shortly before entering Ireland.