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News on pets that have been lost and found in areas close to our clinics.

Pet identification and microchips


Almost every day we are presented with a lost dog or cat that has been found by someone in their garden or wandering the roads.

It is a legal requirement in Ireland that all dogs must wear a collar with a tag or disc bearing the contact details of the owner, failure to do this can result in an on the spot fine from the dog warden.

We would also advise a ‘safety collar’ with an identity tag for cats – special cat collars have release catches or are elasticated in case your car gets caught on a branch etc.

As well as a collar with tag we strongly recommend that you have your pet microchipped. This is a permanent form of identification which cannot be removed or lost. The microchip contains a 15 digit number which is then registered on a database that is accessible to vets, wardens and certain welfare groups.

The microchipping procedure is quick, relatively pain free and affordable. We offer low cost microchipping with registration on the main Irish database

If your pet is already microchipped please ensure that is registered with the correct details on a reputable database. Your vet can check this for you.