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Royal Canin Summer of the Cat Promotion


We are pleased to let you all know that we are running the Royal Canin Summer of the Cat Promotion
Royal Canin is an exceptional, high quality pet food that we widely recommend to customers coming through our doors. The satisfaction rates expressed by clients proves its tremendous quality.
The Summer of the Cat promotion is a focus on the young adult, skin and hairball lines. Come in and grab a bargain on the 1.5kg size which is on offer at 13.99 euro.
Grab them while they are here- first come, first served!!

Ticks ar bad!


These nasty little blood suckers attach to skin of passing animals. They live in grass. They can lead to nasty abscesses and also transmit blood bornes disease like Lyme disease. This applies to people also.
A good product out called Bravecto. This is a tablet which is palatable and gives 3 months cover. I think its a great new product which works and is water proof with no skin residues for kids, unlioke sppot ons!
Call in and we can show you!

Dog Grooming Westport


Check out our great deals on Grooming. This hot weather can make dogs uncomfortable. They can get instant relief from a good clipping.
We will check nails, teeth and a full health check besides from out trained vets!
A treat indeed!

Heat Stroke


Heat Stroke.

Given the hot weather over the last few days, ensure that all pets have access to cool shaded areas.
Dogs especially can get heat stroke which can be fatal. I have often had dogs brought in very sick having been trapped in kennels or cars.
First aid consists of cold water ice baths and get to your vet ASAP!

Daffodil Bulbs


Daffodil bulbs.
These are poisonous. We treated a dog who developed extreme illness following ingestion of some bulbs, freshly planted by dogs owner.
Be careful of all bulbous plants life daffodils, tulips etc as they can cause alot of illness and sometimes with fatal consequences.



With the good week of sunny weather, we have seen a surge in tick numbers.
These blood suckers can cause debilitating anaemia in dogs and cats, tranmit infections like Lyme disease (people can get this too),and cause abscesses!
We advise tick treatment every month.
Talk to us and we can advise you on the best available products



St. Patrick’s Day marked the first bank holiday weekend of the year and thankfully, they come think and fast.
Just a reminder to anyone who is using our kennels or cattery to ensure that all vaccinations and kennel cough vaccines are up to date!
We feed Royal Canin, Hills and Burns which are all top quality brands!
In queries, get in touch!

ReHomed a terrier!


Lodge Vet has organised a very good home for a little terrier called Pogo who was left in a sa stray 1 month ago. He was at first a little shy but thankfully he has turned into the most beautiful, friendly and playful chap. We are delighted that he will find his feet with a new family!



Seizures can be scary for those of us who have witnessed them in a pet or even people.

Seizures in dogs are relatively common in our week to week work. Most seizures are idiopathic, meaning the cause is unknown and basically is an elecrtical storm across the brain. Think of them as an electrical surge that causes trip switches to blow!

Diagnostically, we tend to eleminate all possibilities of disease processes that may cause seizures (liver, kidney disease, electrolyte imbalances, head trauma etc). We tend to run blood tests to establish base line health.

I see alot of seizures in Mayo in collies. Perhaps, this is down to the fact that there are alot of collies in Mayo!

Dogs that develop seizures often have a sensitive or nervous disposition but not always.

Medication may be needed to control seizures. Your vet will decide by taking into account the frequency and severity of seizuring. We often advise to keep a detailed diary on seizure activity

For any queries get in touch. Get in touch by email or call 098 26006.