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Worms in cats

Worming your cat Did you know that there are lots of types of worms that cats get. The most common worms that we see in cats are roundworms and tapeworms. Signs of worms can include vomiting, weight loss, poor coat quality and irritation around the anus. However many cats that are infected with worms will […]

Why cats hide their illness

Cats are known for hiding weakness, pain or illness—especially ongoing  conditions like thyroid, kidney and dental disease. This is due to their origins in the wild when trying  to remain under the radar of would be predators. This means it is important for pet owners to be observant and to know the signs that something […]

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

Several factors need to be considered when you first acquire a new puppy or kitten. Following some basic guidelines will ensure your pet gets the best start in life. Key points to remember are: (1) Vaccinations: Puppies can start their vaccination course at 6 weeks old followed by a second and final primary vaccination at […]

Pet identification and microchips

Almost every day we are presented with a lost dog or cat that has been found by someone in their garden or wandering the roads. It is a legal requirement in Ireland that all dogs must wear a collar with a tag or disc bearing the contact details of the owner, failure to do this […]

Cold Wet Nose in your dog. Not a vital sign!

Every wondered why your vet doesn’t check to see if your dog has a cold wet nose? There are many important things we will check to help us figure out whether your dog is healthy or unwell but a cold wet nose isn’t one! A healthy dog can have a warm dry nose and a […]

Spay Ireland 2012. Spaying and Neutering. The latest facts.

Why Spay or Neuter your pet? Spaying and neutering should be the natural choice for most pet owners. Apart from population control, there is evidence that early neutering is often better for the individual animal. There is an average of 15 dogs per day destroyed in Irish pounds. We have no official figures for cats […]

Fear of Fireworks? Read our top tips here!

Veterinary Advice for Pet Owners during fireworks season. Pets commonly suffer from noise phobia and Hallowe’en can be a very distressing time. Up to 80% of pet owners report that their pet is afraid of fireworks.  Most pets will display mild symptoms of fear or anxiety initially but if improperly managed they tend to get […]