Seizures can be scary for those of us who have witnessed them in a pet or even people.

Seizures in dogs are relatively common in our week to week work. Most seizures are idiopathic, meaning the cause is unknown and basically is an elecrtical storm across the brain. Think of them as an electrical surge that causes trip switches to blow!

Diagnostically, we tend to eleminate all possibilities of disease processes that may cause seizures (liver, kidney disease, electrolyte imbalances, head trauma etc). We tend to run blood tests to establish base line health.

I see alot of seizures in Mayo in collies. Perhaps, this is down to the fact that there are alot of collies in Mayo!

Dogs that develop seizures often have a sensitive or nervous disposition but not always.

Medication may be needed to control seizures. Your vet will decide by taking into account the frequency and severity of seizuring. We often advise to keep a detailed diary on seizure activity

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